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On this page, we explain step by step how to install CloudPanel on a dedicated server or any other cloud.

For the installation, you need an empty server with Ubuntu 22.04 or Debian 11 with root access.

Install CloudPanel#

Login via SSH to the Server.

If you are using a private key to login, the SSH command would be:

ssh -i path_to_your_private_key root@yourIpAddress

If you are using a password to login, the SSH command would be:

ssh root@yourIpAddress

Before running the installer, we need to update the system and install the required packages.

apt update && apt -y upgrade && apt -y install curl wget sudo

Run the installer with your preferred Database Engine.

curl -sS -o; \echo "e0838864b7376b0390b4855d8d5c1425d83edffb38d2c980cf5b1c1a71d105bc" | \sha256sum -c && sudo bash

Access CloudPanel#


For security reasons, access CloudPanel as fast as possible to create the admin user. There is a small time window where bots can create the user. If possible, open port 8443 only for your IP via firewall.

You can now access CloudPanel via Browser: https://yourIpAddress:8443

Ignore the self-signed certificate warning and click on Advanced and Proceed to continue to CloudPanel.

Ignore Self-Signed Certificate