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Vultr Installer

On this page, we explain step by step how to install CloudPanel on VULTR.

Launch an Instance#

  1. Login nto your VULTR account.

  2. In the left navigation, click on Products and then on Deploy Server.

Server Type#

Choose the Server Type you want to run the Instance on.

Server Type

Server Location#

Choose the Server Location closest to your visitors.

Server Location

Server Image#

Select Ubuntu 22.04 or Debian 11 as Server Image.

Server Image

Server Size#

Select the Server Size you want to deploy. We recommend at least 1 vCPU with 2 GB of Memory.

Server Size

Finalize and Deploy#

  1. Select an SSH Key or receive the root password via e-mail.
SSH Keys
  1. Enter the Server Hostname & Label and click on the button Deploy Now to launch the instance.
Deploy Now

Install CloudPanel#

After launching the Instance, log in with SSH and run the installer script.

  1. Login via SSH to the Instance.
ssh -i path_to_your_private_key root@serverIpAddress
  1. Update the system and install the required packages.
apt update && apt -y upgrade && apt -y install curl wget sudo
  1. Run the installer with your preferred Database Engine.
curl -sS -o; \echo "3c30168958264ced81ca9b58dbc55b4d28585d9066b9da085f2b130ae91c50f6" | \sha256sum -c && sudo CLOUD=vultr bash

Access CloudPanel#


For security reasons, access CloudPanel as fast as possible to create the admin user. There is a small time window where bots can create the user. It's highly recommended to open port 8443 only for your IP via firewall.

You can now access CloudPanel via Browser: https://serverIpAddress:8443

Ignore the self-signed certificate warning and click on Advanced and Proceed to continue to CloudPanel.

Ignore Self-Signed Certificate