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SSL/TLS Certificates

By default, a self-signed certificate is generated.

Self-Signed Certificate

Let's Encrypt Certificate

To issue a free Let's Encrypt certificate, click on the button Actions and select New Let's Encrypt Certificate.

Add the Domain Names and click on Create and Install to issue a Let's Encrypt Certificate.

DNS Records

Make sure to have a valid DNS record for the domains you want to create a certificate for.

New Lets Encrypt Certificate

Cloudflare Certificate

You don't need to issue a Let's Encrypt Certificate if you use Cloudflare.


For higher security, it's recommended to enable Allow traffic from Cloudflare only for your site so that attackers cannot bypass the traffic.

To use the free certificates from Cloudflare, do the following:

  1. Enable the Proxy for your DNS Records.
Cloudflare Proxy
  1. Click on SSL/TLS in the left menu and choose the Full mode.
Cloudflare Proxy

Import Certificate

The majority of the websites are OK with the free Let's Encrypt Certificates, but in some cases e.g.
for an Extended Validation Certificate, you need to buy and import the certificate.

  1. To import a certificate, click on the button Actions and select Import Certificate.
Import Certificate
  1. Enter the Private Key, Certificate, and Certificate Chain and click on Import and Install.
Import Certificate