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Varnish Cache is integrated into CloudPanel as a turn-key solution. Enable Varnish Cache to get blazing fast page loads, up to 250 times faster. Change the Cache Lifetime, Excluded Params, and Excludes to your needs.

Varnish Cache Settings

Cache Tag Prefix

The Cache Tag Prefix is the main cache tag used on every page. Other cache tags use this prefix in front.

Excluded Params

The Excluded Params is a list of GET Parameters to disable caching.

As example, the following Urls are not being cached.



Purge the url/file from the cache after adding it to the Excludes.

In the Excludes, you can configure files or paths that shouldn't be cached.

Example Excludes:

  • ^/my-account/ --> Urls starting with /my-account/ are not being cached
  • /cart/ --> Urls containing /cart/ are not being cached
  • wp-login.php --> File will not be cached

Purge Cache

Purge Entire Cache removes the entire cache for a site from Varnish Cache.

Under the hood, a PURGE request with the header X-Cache-Tags is being sent to port 6081 (Varnish Cache):

curl -v -X PURGE -H 'X-Cache-Tags: aac6'

You can purge more specifically by entering a single url or tags separated by a comma.

Developer Guide

Check out the Developer Guide for a detailed guide on how Varnish Cache works and how it's integrated into CloudPanel.