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Vhost Editor

In the Vhost Editor, you can make changes on the NGINX VHost, which allows you to apply rewrites, redirects, reverse proxies, and other settings.

Under the hood, CloudPanel checks the syntax and reverts the changes to prevent downtime, and throws an error message.

On Github, you find all vhost templates automatically updated every night.

Vhost Editor


HTTP/3 support

Ubuntu 24.04 and Debian 12 are being shipped with nginx 1.26.0, which has experimental support for HTTP/3.
If you are using a custom firewall, make sure to have UDP Port 443 open, as it's required for HTTP/3.
HTTP/3 requires a valid SSL/TLS Certificate and does not work with a self-signed certificate.

HTTP/3 can be enabled in the vhost for each site. By default, http3 is set to off.

To enable HTTP/3, set http3 to on and click on the button Save.

Enable HTTP3

To check if HTTP/3 is working for your site, you can use the HTTP/3 Check.

HTTP3 Check