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Google Compute Engine


Service Account Keys

Create Service Account Keys

For the communication with the Google Compute Engine interface, you need to enter Service Account Keys.

Google Compute Engine Settings

To create the Service Account Keys do the following steps:

  1. Login into the Google Cloud Console.

  2. Click in the left navigation on IAM & Admin and click on Service Accounts.

  3. On the Service Accounts overview, go to Actions and click on Manage Keys.

Manage Keys
  1. Click on Create new Key.
Create new Key
  1. Select Key type JSON and click on Create to download the Service Account Keys file.
Key Type JSON
  1. Open the downloaded file and paste the content into the Service Account Keys field.

Snapshot Settings

  1. To enable Automatic Snapshots, click in the left menu on Google Compute Engine and then on the tab Settings.
Enable Automatic Snapshots
  1. Select the Frequency and Retention Period and click on the button Save.

Four Snapshots will be created per day and deleted after seven days with the following configuration.


Snapshots are a central part of the Google Cloud Backup architecture—they allow you to create a point-in-time backup of a persistent disk attached to a virtual machine instance and save it to Google Cloud Storage. You can also rapidly restore a snapshot to a persistent disk.

Create Snapshot

  1. To create a Snapshot, click in the left menu on Google Compute Engine and then on the tab Snapshots.

  2. Click on the button Create Snapshot top right.

Create Snapshot
  1. Enter the Snapshot Name and click on Create.
Create Image
  1. The Snapshot is now being created by the Google Compute Engine.
Snapshot Created