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Hostinger Wizard

On this page, we explain step by step how to run CloudPanel on Hostinger.

Choose a VPS Hosting Plan

  1. Log in to the Hostinger Control Panel.

  2. Go to VPS in the top menu and choose a plan.

Choose VPS Hosting Plan

Select VPS Location

Select the location for your new VPS from the dropdown list.

Select VPS Location

Choose Operating System

Click on OS with Control Panel and select CloudPanel from the list.

OS with Control Panel with CloudPanel

Setup Admin User Password

Enter a strong password for the admin user to login later into CloudPanel and click on Continue.

Enter CloudPanel Admin User

SSH Access Method

For accessing the VPS via SSH wit the root user, enter a password or add an SSH Key and click on Save & Continue.

SSH Access Method

Review VPS Information

Review the VPS information once again and click on Finish Setup. The VPS will be launched and is ready within 3-5 minutes.

Access CloudPanel

Go to the VPS Dashboard and click on Panel access to get the Login Url.

CloudPanel Login Url