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Cron Jobs

Cron is one of the most valuable utilities that you can find in any Unix-like operating system.
It is used to schedule commands at a specific time. These scheduled commands or tasks are known as Cron Jobs.

Adding a Cron Job

Via CloudPanel

To add a Cron Job, click on the Cron Jobs tab, select a Template and enter the Command you want to execute.

Adding a Cron Job

Via Command Line

The standard linux way to configure Cron Jobs on the command line can be used as well.

  1. Login via SSH with the Site User.
ssh site-user@instance-ip-address
  1. Enter the following command to edit Cron Jobs:
crontab -e
  1. Configure your Cron Job.

On the following site, you find some useful examples of how to configure them.

Deleting a Cron Job

To delete a Cron Job, click on the Cron Jobs tab and click on Delete and confirm your action.

Deleting a Cron Job