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Remote Backups

With Remote Backups, also known as off-site backup, you can store copies of your sites to services like Amazon S3, Wasabi, Digital Ocean Spaces, Dropbox, Google Drive, SFTP, or any other storage provider supported by Rclone.

Instance Timezone

Ensure that the Timezone of your instance is correct to execute the backup job at the right time.


Storage Provider#

Select the Storage Provider of your choice and click on Continue.

Select Storage Provider


  1. Log in to the AWS Management Console.

  2. Create an S3 Bucket and create an AWS Access Key and Secret Access Key with restricted permissions to S3.

  3. Fill out the form and click on the button Save.

Amazon S3
  1. Click on the button Create Button top right to create the first backup, and go to S3 to check if it's working as expected.
Amazon S3 - Create Backup


By default, all sites are backed up. The vhost and the entire home directory of each site, excluding the .ssh, logs, and tmp directory, are included in the backup. In the Excludes field, you can exclude directories and files.
If you want to exclude a site from the backup, put /home/$site-user/ in the excludes.

Restoring Files#

To restore files or directories, go to your storage provider and download the backup file backup.tar of your site.

Via File Manager#

Restoring files via File Manager is recommended for backup files smaller than 2 GB.

  1. Go to the File Manager of your site and upload the backup file backup.tar to the tmp directory.

  2. Make right-click on the file backup.tar and extract the file.

Extract Backup File
  1. Copy and replace the files you need.


This method is recommended for backup files bigger than 2 GB which cannot be uploaded via File Manager.

  1. Upload the backup.tar file via SFTP into your tmp directory or your site.

  2. Login via SSH to the instance with your site user and extract the backup file.

tar xf ~/tmp/backup.tar
  1. Copy and replace the files you need.