The features you need to build what you want.

The CloudPanel is built on over one decade of experience in Managed Hosting.

Site Management

Simple site management features like Site Settings, Vhost, Databases, Let’s Encrypt, SSH/FTP, File Manager, Cron Jobs, and Logs.

Configure Site security like the IP and Bot Blocking, Basic Auth, or you can route the traffic for a site through Cloudflare.

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Installation Wizard

The Installation Wizard offers to set up multiple types of software applications. You can choose between installing a WordPress Site, Static HTML/CSS/JS, PHP, Node.js, and Python by adding a new site.

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Cloudflare Integration

Cloudflare is a cloud-based network security solution provider that offers CDN, DNS, and other services to make websites faster and more secure.

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MySQL & Maria DB

MySQL is the most common Database type for web applications. You can create and manage MySQL Databases via phpMyAdmin directly through the CloudPanel. Add multiple database users and manage user permissions.

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IP & Bot Blocking

IP blocking is a method that blocks requests from hosts with specific IP addresses.

Bots Blocking restricts unwanted bots from accessing your site.

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File Manager

File Manager provides a user interface that displays the files/folders hierarchy. It offers uploading by drag & drop, deleting, renaming, moving, editing files with Syntax-Highlighting, zip/unzip, and changing permissions.

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SSH (Secure Shell) is a network protocol that helps users securely access the server via the command-line. You can create SSH users and SSH keys for secure login. FTP(File Transfer Protocol) is a non-secure network protocol.

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Cron Jobs

A cron job is a Linux command used for scheduling tasks that are to be executed. Create and modify Cron Jobs by using the template (Pattern, Time, Command) to schedule and run scripts at a specific time.

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Vhost Editor

The integrated Vhost Editor provides an easy way to modify the NGINX configuration. You can apply rewrites, redirects, reverse proxies, and other settings.

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Let’s Encrypt Certificate

Free Let's Encrypt Certificates are supported by CloudPanel, issued with a click, and automatically renewed.

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The Dashboard lets you quickly assess the primary stats health of the core server resources.

View information about your Instances such as its cloud,

hostname, operating system, and public IP address.

With monitoring graphs and metrics, get an overview of CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Disk Usage, Load Average.

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CPU Usage

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) performs the data processing operations. CPU usage is the percentage of the CPU core’s total working time to complete its tasks. The Monitoring CPU usage shows the CPU utilization.

Memory Usage

Memory usage represents the percentage of memory currently in use. With the Dashboard, you get an overview of how much memory is accessible on your server.

Disk Usage

The Disk Usage shows the storage space/capacity of your Disk. Actively monitoring your disk space helps keep the remaining disk space overview.

Load Average

Load average graphs enable you to monitor the load on the system. The graph displays the average load at intervals of one minute, five minutes, and fifteen minutes.

admin area line element

Admin Area

Manage users with different roles and permissions assigned to specific sites.

Make firewall settings or enable automated backups via integrated cloud features.

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User Management

Add users with different roles and permissions. Three roles are available to assign: Admin, Site Manager, and User. Allow access to one or multiple sites or give full access to a site manager and admin user.

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The event log provides an overview of which changes have been done by which user, important for auditing.

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External Database Server

Use an external database server or services like Amazon Aurora or RDS to scale the database operations horizontal or vertically to get maximum performance.

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Add firewall rules to allow IPs to access services like SSH, FTP, MySQL, or other services. Put a basic auth in front of CloudPanel as an additional layer of security.

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Cloud Features

Connect your server via access keys or authentification token with your cloud provider to enable automated backups.

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CloudPanel Custom Domain

Use your domain for running CloudPanel with an automatically renewed certificate from Let's Encrypt.

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Reducing operational costs and increasing efficiency by automating processes.

CloudPanel lets you apply automation to server management tasks like creating sites and deploying applications.

The CLI offers a comprehensive set of commands for all essential tasks.

Add Sites and Certificates

CloudPanel’s command-line interface lets you add new sites, certificates and applications. Installed free Let’s Encrypt certificates auto-renew by default.

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CloudPanel CLI

Use the CloudPanel CLI to automate like adding sites, databases and certificates. Reset user passwords or disabling two-factor authentication.

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