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100s of users rated CloudPanel an average 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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I am so impressed with Cloudpanel. I had to move over several sites to my site. Cloudpanel made it so easy to manage my server! It is clean and simple and simplified so many tasks! Thank you!

Toby Dunn

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I’ve been using CloudPanel more than 1+ year now for my own developement server. It’s easier, fast, and reliable. I’ve tested many other panel before, but CloudPanel still the best for personal user like me. Good job team! Bravo!

Amirul Aziz

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Excellent system. I’ve just installed CloudPanel on my VPS hosted in OVH and it works so nice, the installation is so simple and the back-office is power-full, you have all the things in one place.

Sergio Casero

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