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Node.js deployment with pm2

For running Node.js applications in production, you need process manager who takes care of the node processes.

We explain how to use the PM2 for setting up a Node.js Application for production on this site.


PM2 is a daemon process manager that will help you manage and keep your application online.


  1. Log in via SSH with your Site User:
ssh john-doe@instance-ip-address
  1. Go to the root directory of your project:
cd htdocs/
  1. Install the latest pm2 via npm.
npm install pm2@latest -g

Start the Application

Use the following command to start your application via pm2:

App Name

Replace the app-name variable with the name of your application.

pm2 start npm --name $app-name -- start

Your application is now running via pm2.

PM2 Start NPM

Save Configuration

To save the pm2 configuration, execute the save command:

pm2 save

Adding a Cron Job

To ensure, that your application is running after a reboot of your instance, you need to configure a cron job.

  1. First copy the output of the PATH variable:
echo $PATH

The output will look similar to this:

  1. Edit the crontab for the site user.
crontab -e
  1. Add the following lines to it:
@reboot pm2 resurrect &> /dev/null

Example configuration

PM2 Cronjob Example
  1. Reboot your instance and check if the application is running:
pm2 status

The status should be online to confirm that your Application is running after reboot.

PM2 Cronjob Example


PM2 provides a logs command to see the application's output, which helps troubleshoot.

pm2 logs