Matomo 4

CloudPanel v1 is obsolete

CloudPanel v1 is obsolete; check out the CloudPanel v2 Docs.

On this page, we explain step by step how to setup Matomo 4 with CloudPanel.


In the following example we will setup Matomo under the domain


Before we can start with the installation, we need to create an SSH User, a Database, and a Domain.

When you Add the Domain, make sure to select the Matomo 4 Vhost Template and the right PHP Version.


To install Matomo do the following steps:

  1. Login via SSH to the server e.g. with john-ssh and go to the users tmp directory:
cd ~/tmp
  1. Download and extract the latest Matomo 4 version.
curl -sL | tar xfz -
  1. Move files to the htdocs directory of the domain:
cp -R matomo/* /home/cloudpanel/htdocs/
  1. Reset permissions.
cd /home/cloudpanel/htdocs/
clpctl system:permissions:reset 775
  1. Clean up the tmp directory.
rm -rf ~/tmp/*
  1. Open your domain in the browser and go through the installation wizard.
  1. Done! Matomo 4 is now installed.