Free Hosting Control Panel

CloudPanel is a free software to configure and manage a server with an obsessive focus on simplicity.
Run Static Websites, PHP, Node.js, Reverse Proxies, and Python Applications.

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Easy to Start

Quick launch the CloudPanel on Amazon Web Services, Digital Ocean, Hetzner Cloud, Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, Vultr, or on dedicated servers. Choose between Debian 12 or 11 or Ubuntu 24.04 or 22.04 operating systems, Intel x86, or ARM processors.

Adding a new site was never easier by using the site wizard. You can create a WordPress Site, PHP Application, Node.js, Python, or Static HTML/CSS/JS site. Alternatively, you can set up a new site by CLI with all Application-specific configurations.

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Launch the CloudPanel on all common Cloud providers with individual features like automated backups. On all other servers, do simply the installation via the command line.

Create a new Site

It is all about getting your project fast up and running. Choose the right application template and get your site up and running in no time.

With the quick install option for WordPress, you get the latest WordPress Version installed and configured.

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Multiple Application Support

Run PHP, Node.js, and Python or Static sites in fully isolated environments at the same time.

Installation Wizard

Create a new site with the help of the installation wizard.

Choose in the wizard between the application type and configure all necessary settings, including the free let’s encrypt certificate.


Shipped with multiple PHP Versions. Running or changing the PHP Version for an App is just a click.


Node.js is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript runtime environment. It is a popular tool for almost any kind of project.


Python is a modern programming language that supports object-oriented, functional, and imperative programming styles.

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Robust server security is a core requirement. Various security layers help to protect the server and applications.

Site Isolation

CloudPanel increases server security by isolating sites on the system level. Prevent any vulnerabilities from affecting other websites on the server.


Easily create and configure all firewall rules with the user-friendly UFW interface. Allow, deny, or restrict any service or port.

Access Restriction by IP

Restrict access to CloudPanel from fixed IP addresses (VPN) to increase security.

IP & Bot Blocker

IP Blocker blocks traffic from unwanted IP addresses or domains. Bot blocker denies access to all of your websites at once.

Basic Authentication

A Basic Auth prevents website traffic during the development or testing stage. Enforce access control and whitelist specific users and IPs.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add an additional layer of security with Two-Factor Authentication for secure CloudPanel login.

Free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificate

Install Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates in one click for free! Automatically deploy and renew for multiple domains and subdomains.

Automated Backups

CloudPanel offers automated AMIs to incrementally backup the entire Instance, including all disks without any downtime.

Cloudflare Integration

Route your traffic on Cloudflare and take advantage of DDoS, DNS, and integrated Web Application Firewall (WAF).

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High performance by lightweight and well-configured server components.

Lightweight Components

CloudPanel uses ultra-fast lightweight components for maximum performance. The technology stack is built with NGINX, PHP-FPM, Redis, Node.js, and more.

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Well Configured

CloudPanel is shipped with well-configured server components optimized for maximum speed.

ARM Ready

CloudPanel is ready for the Arm-Based server, delivering Up to 40% higher performance at 20% lower cost.

Low Resource Consumption

CloudPanel has a low resource utilization. Minimum system requirement:
1-Core, 2GB Memory, 10 GB Disk!

Frequently Asked Questions

An open source web hosting control panel lets you easily manage the hosting service package. It provides an interface and a suite of tools to manage your server.

You can use a control panel to manage multiple applications. Configure domains, email accounts, Databases, and Cron jobs. Upload and manage website files using file manager.

Control Panel runs on multiple operating systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS web panel.

CloudPanel is a free web hosting control panel with advanced features for server management. It offers a fast technology stack built with lightweight components for maximum performance.

The control panel provides a suite of tools to strengthen security at the server level.

Operating Systems :
Debian 12 and 11 (x86 & ARM64)
Ubuntu 24.04 and 22.04 LTS (x86 & ARM64)

Cores :
Minimum 1 Core
Minimum 2 GB of Memory
Minimum 10 GB Disk Space

  • IT Admins
  • Developers
  • Web Hosting Users
  • Digital Agencies
  • Infrastructure Providers
  • Server, Website & Application Managers

The best control panel for VPS hosting covers all your requirements to administrate the server and applications.