What is a Cloud Control Panel?

What is a Cloud Control Panel?

The setup and management of a web project can be frequently tricky and overwhelming.

Especially if you are an inexperienced user, the crowd of several cloud hosting providers, each one with their control panel, is difficult to see through.

A cloud control panel can be a great tool to simplify your server’s everyday work and management.

What is a control panel?

A control panel is, generally speaking, a control unit with which technical devices can be controlled. There are different designs depending on the area of application and branch. While some are reminiscent of the cockpit of an airplane in their complexity, others are much more minimal.

For example, in the processing industry, there are control panels that can be used either free-standing or in a built-in version - in a control cabinet, for example - to operate machines.

There are also modern Control Panel units with processor units and can therefore be used as a small mobile control computer. These control units are usually referred to as Panel PCs or Power Panels.

What is a cloud control panel?

Maybe you already know what cloud hosting is. In the field of cloud hosting, a cloud control panel is the control unit for you as a customer of a cloud hosting company and operator of a web project.

A cloud control panel serves as a generalizing control interface for programs installed on the server, security aspects like bot blocking or user management.

control unit for technical devices

A control panel is generally a control unit for technical devices.

What features must a good cloud control panel offer?

A good cloud control panel is primarily designed to facilitate complex processes and the general cloud management. Because the control panel is connected between you as a user and the hosting provider's cloud infrastructure, the control panel simplifies all steps of server creation and configuration and controls all functions of the provider's own interface via an API interface.

Once the server is set up, the cloud control panel is used to perform routine tasks such as

  • monitoring CPU or memory usage
  • gathering information like hostname or IP address
  • managing security applications like bot blocker or IP blocker

To make sure that cloud hosting is secure, a good control tool should inform its users with clear status messages and issue timely warnings in case of security or other problems.

Advantages of a cloud control panel

A cloud control panel is used to create and manage your website or the server on which it is hosted.

The largest and best-known cloud providers such as Amazon, Google, or Microsoft each offer their own panel to control their hosting solutions. Besides, there are also systems that can be universally used on different hosting plans.

Free server panels such as CloudPanel offer a wide range of functions and provide the user, for example, with a clear diagnosis and setting options, like error logs, CPU or memory usage.

The most evident advantages and benefits of CloudPanel are:

The pricing of cloud control panels

In the area of cloud control panels, there are different price structures among the various providers. The price segment ranges from inexpensive around 7 euros per month to the equivalent of 38 euros per month - a package that is probably more interesting for larger companies.

The pricing of the Plesk control panel

The Plesk control panel offers several pricing options such as Admin, Pro, or Host package. Furthermore, you can choose between a monthly and yearly payment model. Depending on which model you select, the monthly costs vary from €7.33 up to €20.

The pricing of cPanel

At cPanel, you can choose from a solo package suitable for small business, admin, pro, and up to a premier version. The monthly costs vary from $15 to $45.

The pricing of CloudPanel

Compared to other providers, CloudPanel is absolutely and forever free. This means no contract, no hidden costs, and no restrictions.

For whom is a cloud control panel suitable?

A cloud control panel like CloudPanel offers attractive solutions for users of cloud hosting services. The extensive range of functions is beneficial for

  • small and medium-sized companies as well as newcomers to cloud hosting
  • larger companies and experienced users can exploit the full potential of their cloud

Start today with CloudPanel! It’s free!

CloudPanel handles the cloud infrastructure of several cloud providers

Install CloudPanel on other clouds or servers

CloudPanel offers a free server panel tool maximum performance and a high-security level for every web project.

It offers a wide range of functions, such as adding and managing domains, users or databases.

A clearly organized dashboard offers a quick overview of IP address, hostname and much more.

Furthermore, you’ll get an overview of the current utilization of CPU, memory, etc.

CloudPanels offer is completed by a high-security level with the extensive possibilities of the IP- or Bot Blocker. All the settings and functions can be addressed at any time in the "cloud functionalities" section.

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Summary: Why a cloud control panel is a perfect tool for cloud hosting customers

A cloud control panel is an effective and time-saving way to configure and manage the server solutions of different cloud hosting providers.

With a wide range of functions, the software solutions cover all user requirements of both inexperienced and experienced users.

Cloud control panels offer different price models or, as in the case of CloudPanel, provide their wide range of services completely free of charge.

Get started with the free control panel today!

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