CloudPanel Version 2 is Released!

CloudPanel Version 2 is Released!

After two years of development, we are proud to deliver version 2 of CloudPanel.

CloudPanel is a free software to configure and manage a server with an obsessive focus on simplicity, performance, and security.

Highlights of CloudPanel Version 2

1. Multiple Application Support

Multiple Application Support -CloudPanel version 2 is released!

With Version 2 of CloudPanel, we support multiple application types:

  • PHP Multiple versions (7.1 - 8.1) PHP is a server scripting language for building dynamic web pages and applications. CloudPanel supports multiple PHP versions for web development.

  • Nodejs Multiple versions (12, 14, 16) Node.js is a Javascript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine.

  • Python (3.09 -3.10) Python is a multi-purpose programming language to build websites, automate tasks and conduct data analysis.

  • Static sites HTML/CSS/JS. Static websites use server-side rendering to serve HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files to a web browser.

2. Multiple Operating Systems

Multiple Operating Systems -CloudPanel version 2 is released! Debian 11, Ubuntu

The new version of CloudPanel supports Debian and Ubuntu operating systems.

  • Debian 11 (x86 & ARM64)
  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (x86 & ARM64)

Debian 11 Debian is a popular GNU/Linux distribution with over 59000 software packages. It is compatible with multiple architectures such as amd64, i386, ARMs, POWER7, etc.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Ubuntu is a Linux distribution based on Debian and has over 60,000 software packages. Ubuntu provides optimized kernels for AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM Clouds.

3. Architecture Support

Architecture Support -CloudPanel version 2 is released!

CloudPanel version 2 supports x86 and ARM64 architectures.

The ARM framework is designed to offer ultra-low latency and energy efficiency, which allows for better price-performance and minimal resource consumption.

4. Supported Clouds

Supported Clouds -CloudPanel version 2 is released!

CloudPanel lets you deploy sites on the cloud of your choice. The following Clouds are supported:

  • AWS AWS has over 200 fully-featured services and multiple data centers around the globe. It is a cloud market leader with a broadly adopted cloud platform. CloudPanel supports the ARM64 instances such as the latest AWS Graviton 3 processors.

  • Google Cloud Platform. Google Cloud Platform offers more than 150+ cloud computing products and services. The Compute Engine runs VMs, and large compute clusters on Google's infrastructure.

  • Microsoft Azure Azure is a cloud platform with more than 200 products and services. It has more than 200 data centers spread across 60 Azure regions.

  • Digital Ocean. Digital Ocean allows fast deployment of virtual machines on a scalable cloud infrastructure.

  • Vultr Vultr offers high-performance SSD cloud servers and a reliable cloud computing environment. It offers an extensive worldwide network of 23+ data centers.

  • Hetzner Hetzner delivers optimized cloud servers, SSD storage, and global networks. Its data centers are located in Germany, Finland, and the USA.

5. Technology Stack

CloudPanel offers lightweight and well-configured server components to run your favorite PHP, Node.js, and Python applications. The tech stack offers an optimal hardware performance ratio and usability for the server.

Ubuntu 22.04 -CloudPanel Technology Stack Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
Debian 11 -CloudPanel Technology Stack Debian 11 LTS
NGINX -CloudPanel Technology Stack NGINX
NGINX is a popular web server.
+ PageSpeed Module
+ PageSpeed Module
MySQL --CloudPanel Technology Stack MySQL
MySQL is an open-source database management system.
8.0 5.7, 8.0
MariaDB -CloudPanel Technology Stack MariaDB.
MariaDB is an open-source database fork of MySQL.
10.6 10.7
PHP -Cloudpanel technology stack PHP
PHP is a scripting language to build dynamic web applications.
7.1-8.1 7.1-8.1
Redis -CloudPanel Technology Stack Redis
Redis is an open-source, in-memory data structure store.
6 6
ProFTPD -CloudPanel Technology Stack ProFTPD
ProFTP is a free and open-source FTP server.
1.3 1.3
Node.js -CloudPanel v2 Technology stack Node.js
Node.js is a JavaScript runtime built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine.
12, 14, 16
(LTS Versions)
12, 14, 16
(LTS Versions)
Yarn -CloudPanel Technology stack Yarn.
Yarn is a package managing system for JavaScript.
1.22 1.22
Python -CloudPanel version 2 technology stack Python
Python is a general-purpose programming language.
3.10 3.9

6. Installation Wizard

Installation Wizard-CloudPanel version 2 is released!

The Installation wizard allows a quick launch of all supported application types.

You can choose 30+ applications with pre-configured vhost templates and configure the settings with a few clicks.

7. WordPress Installer

WordPress Installer -CloudPanel version 2 released

The CloudPanel installs and configures the latest version of WordPress. It allows a one-click WordPress installation.

You receive all the credentials for your WordPress site once the installation is finished. This includes the site details, database, and admin credentials.

8. File Manager

File Manager -CloudPanel

CloudPanel v2 comes with a built-in File Manager to organize the site files. The File Manager is a graphical interface to manage, and edit the files and folders. Single files are edited easily with the included syntax highlighting.

A drag-and-drop feature lets you upload files directly from your browser.

Features of the File Manager:

  • Adding or deleting files and folders
  • Drag & drop file uploading
  • Editor with syntax highlighting
  • Extracting Files (.zip, .tar, .gz)
  • Compressing Files
  • Changing Permissions
  • File Downloading
  • Copy and paste files

9. Integrated Firewall

Integrated Firewall -CloudPanel version 2 security

The integrated Firewall in CloudPanel version 2 is based on an Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW). UFW is a frontend for iptables and is specifically well-suited for host-based firewalls. You can allow or restrict access to any port or service.

10. Site Isolation

Site isolation -CloudPanel version 2 security

CloudPanel offers fully isolated sites on a system level for improved server security.

Hosting different sites and applications on the same server can be a risk in terms of security. In case an application gets hacked without isolated sites the full server gets compromised.

11. User Roles

User Roles -CloudPanel version 2 security

Collaborate efficiently while working with multiple users and running several sites on the same server.

CloudPanel offers various user roles to restrict access and manage user privileges. Each role has specific permissions as shown below:

  • Admin Users with an Admin role have full permissions to the frontend, backend, admin area, and all sites. The Admin can add new Site Managers and Users.

  • Site Manager The Site Manager has full access to manage all sites but has no access to the admin area.

  • User The User role only has access to the assigned sites. They cannot access any other sites or areas of the panel.

12. Cloudflare Integration

Cloudflare integration -CloudPanel version 2 release security

Cloudflare is a network security solutions provider that offers DDoS mitigation. CloudPanel version 2 now supports Cloudflare integration. You can route your traffic from Cloudflare to get services:

  • DDoS
  • DNS
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Bot management
  • Load Balancing
  • API protection

13. Automation

Automation -CloudPanel version 2 is released!

CloudPanel CLI offers commands that automate server management tasks.

The CLI commands include:

  • Install Let’s Encrypt Certificates
  • Allow traffic from Cloudflare
  • Manage User permissions
  • Enable or disable Basic Auth
  • Manage Database
  • Import vhost templates.

A complete list of all CLI commands is available at CloudPanel v2 Docs.

CloudPanel Version 2 is now available for FREE to manage your server and applications.

Our latest release supports ARM and x86 architectures for Debian and Ubuntu operating systems. It is developed for better price-performance and offers a lightweight tech stack.

Launch sites quickly and deploy PHP, NodeJS, Python applications, and static sites. We invite everyone to check out the latest version 2 of CloudPanel.

For more details on CloudPanel, check out the CloudPanel Blog or find our community on Discord.

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