CloudPanel v2.4.2: New Features, Expanded Support, and Bug Fixes

CloudPanel v2.4.2: New Features, Expanded Support, and Bug Fixes

CloudPanel v2.4.2 is now available, bringing new features, expanded operating system and runtime support, additional translations, and various bug fixes. Let's explore the notable changes in this release.

New Features and Support

  • Debian 12 and Ubuntu 24.04 Support: CloudPanel now supports the latest Debian 12 and Ubuntu 24.04 operating systems, ensuring compatibility with the newest stable releases.

  • Node.js 22 LTS Support: CloudPanel has added support for Node.js 22 Long-Term Support (LTS) version, allowing users to take advantage of the latest Node.js features and improvements.

New Translations

CloudPanel v2.4.2 includes translations for Serbian and Georgian languages, making the platform more accessible to users in those regions.

Bug Fixes

  • Issue #427: Fixed an issue where users were unable to rename files using the file manager.

  • Issue #430: Resolved a bug that prevented the use of commas in the minute field of cron job configurations.

  • Issue #434: Addressed a bug reported by a user.

  • Translation Fixes: Several translation-related issues have been fixed to improve the accuracy and consistency of the localized versions of CloudPanel.

CloudPanel v2.4.2 introduces support for the latest operating systems and Node.js version, expands language support with Serbian and Georgian translations, and resolves various reported bugs.

These enhancements aim to provide an improved user experience and cater to a wider audience. We encourage users to upgrade to CloudPanel v2.4.2 to take advantage of these new features and bug fixes. For more information and future updates, stay tuned to the CloudPanel blog.

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