CloudPanel One-Click Installation via Digital Ocean Marketplace

CloudPanel One-Click Installation via Digital Ocean Marketplace

Developers - That's for you!

we have partnered with Digital Ocean to make it even easier and faster to use CloudPanel on their cloud.

You can now launch CloudPanel with just one-click, thanks to the Digital Ocean Marketplace.

Create a CloudPanel Droplet - for free!

CloudPanel for Digital Ocean

Our CloudPanel for Digital Ocean is FREE and probably the best and easiest solution to run your PHP Apps in no-time.

You may be wondering why we offer something for FREE, we have explained our motivation in the previous blog post:

A Free Server Control Panel? YES!

It takes less than 60 seconds to launch a Droplet with CloudPanel and just a couple of minutes to bring your PHP App online.

CloudPanel for Digital Ocean

Cloud Features

The CloudPanel version for Digital Ocean is shipped with the following cloud features.

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Stefan Wieczorek
Stefan Wieczorek
Founder & CTO

He has over 20 years of experience as a PHP Developer and Linux System Administration. He likes to develop solutions to make complicated things easy to use.

You can find him in the CloudPanel Discord Channel.

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