A Free Server Control Panel? YES!

A Free Server Control Panel? YES!

Hello PHP Community!

We are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we get from the PHP Community. A free server control panel like CloudPanel can only be successful with a great community behind.

Our mission is to provide an easy to use solution for all PHP developers worldwide. Developers like to develop, and they usually don't want to configure a server for running the application.

Over the last ten years, we at mgt-commerce.com have collected a lot of experience with the most complex PHP application - Magento.

All of the things we have learned are now included in CloudPanel, and we want to give it back to the PHP community.

CloudPanel is free and will stay free

We got some emails and questions on twitter where people asked if CloudPanel really stays free, they do not really believe it.

It's a good question, and we understand why people asked it because without earning money, you can't survive.

We answered them with a detailed explanation, but we want to explain it in detail here as well. The good news is that CloudPanel will stay FREE because it's our passion to give something back to the PHP community.

We can keep it free because we are earning money with mgt-commerce.com. Furthermore, we have no investors; the founders hold 100% of the shares. We are completely privately financed, which gives us a lot of freedom to work on things which can't be paid with money - passion.

Plans for the future

In the next couple of months, we will develop a community platform where people can write technical articles about
PHP, web development, system administration, DevOPs, cloud computing, and many other exciting topics about web technologies.

Community Support

A free product lives from the community and depends on the community. We would be pleased that you share your experience with CloudPanel.

How can you support us?

Stefan Wieczorek
Stefan Wieczorek
Founder & CTO

He has over 20 years of experience as a PHP Developer and Linux System Administration. He likes to develop solutions to make complicated things easy to use.

You can find him in the CloudPanel Discord Channel.

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