CloudPanel Version 2.0.4 Release Notes

CloudPanel Version 2.0.4 Release Notes

CloudPanel 2.0.4 release includes bug fixes and support for MariaDB 10.9.x version. It comes with new languages for Arabic and Ukrainian.

Release Highlights for CloudPanel 2.0.4

1. MariaDB 10.9 support

MariaDB 10.9 is a current development series and an evolution of MariaDB 10.8 with new features.

CloudPanel 2.0.4 supports MariaDB 10.9 for Ubuntu and Debian.

Some of the MariaDB 10.9.x Highlights include:

  • JSON_OVERLAPS is added in MariaDB 10.9.

  • Implement range notation for JSONPath

  • Support for JSONPath negative index

  • InnoDB: innodb_log_file_size is now dynamic

  • Hashicorp Key Management Plugin is used to implement encryption with keys stored in the Hashicorp Vault KMS.

  • Replication and Galera improvements

  • Extended the SHOW EXPLAIN syntax to support SHOW ANALYZE [FORMAT=JSON]

  • List of new system variables added in the MariaDB 10.9 series.

2. Translations

CloudPanel 2.0.4 now supports the following languages:

  • Arabic
  • Ukrainian

3. Bug Fixes

Remote backup fixes

Remote backups don't get deleted after the configured retention period. It affects only the SFTP storage provider.

WordPress Admin login

WordPress Admin login doesn't work with passwords that contain special characters.


CloudPanel 2.0.4 offers new languages and bug fixes. You can update CloudPanel and all dependencies easily to implement the latest changes.

For more information on CloudPanel, check out the CloudPanel blog.

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