CloudPanel v2.4.0: PHP 8.3 and Node.js LTS Support

CloudPanel v2.4.0: PHP 8.3 and Node.js LTS Support

We are excited to introduce CloudPanel v2.4.0, an update that fortifies and expands the server mangement software capabilities.

New Features

  • PHP 8.3 Support: Aligning with the latest in PHP development, this version introduces support for PHP 8.3, enabling users to utilize new PHP features and improvements.

  • Node.js 20 LTS Support: Catering to the needs of Node.js developers, CloudPanel v2.4.0 supports Node.js 20 LTS, ensuring long-term stability and performance.

  • Translations in Danish and Czech: CloudPanel now offers translations in Danish and Czech, enhancing accessibility for a wider user base.


  • Pre-backup Database Protection: Prior to executing remote backups, databases are now automatically backed up, adding an extra layer of data security.

  • Comprehensive Remote Backup: Site settings and vhost configurations are included in the remote backup file, providing a more complete backup solution.

  • Updated phpMyAdmin to 5.2.1: The latest phpMyAdmin version is included for a more secure and efficient database management experience.

Bug Fixes

CloudPanel v2.4.0 addresses several significant issues, enhancing stability and performance:

  • Issue #329: Duplicate settings key in file-manager.conf.
  • Issue #338: The original certificate not removed when deleting a web application.
  • Issue #355: Login Page Autocomplete/Password Manager Issue.
  • Issue #363: Custom v2-varnish vhost templates causing a 403 page and missing Varnish settings.
  • Issue #359: Node.js app started with PM2 not deleted when a website is removed.
  • Issue #367: phpMyAdmin basic auth malfunctioning when CloudPanel basic auth is enabled.

Security Updates

  • File Manager Vulnerabilities: Addressing critical vulnerabilities, including CVE-2023-43880 (new file chown issue) and CVE-2023-43881 (Zip symlink issue using BSDTAR).

  • Command Injection Fix: A security enhancement to mitigate a command injection vulnerability discovered by Yell Phone Naing.

CloudPanel's latest version is a testament to its dedication to providing a secure, efficient, and user-friendly platform for server management and hosting services. With over 5000 customers and a global team, CloudPanel continues to innovate and lead in the cloud management sector.

For more information and to download CloudPanel v2.4.0, visit the offical site

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