CloudPanel 2.3.2: Translation and Security Fixes

CloudPanel 2.3.2: Translation and Security Fixes

The CloudPanel 2.3.2 introduces enhanced security measures, bug fixes, and the addition of Korean, Persian, and Vietnamese translations. The article highlights the core improvements in this latest release.

What’s New with CloudPanel 2.3.2?

1. Translations

The CloudPanel 2.3.2 version has Korean and Persian translations to provide an improved user experience to a wider audience.

2. Bug Fixes

The latest version has fixed a previous issue where MySQL exceptions revealed the root password. The fix ensures the MySQL root password remains masked for secure database handling.

3. Enhancements

  • Vietnamese Language Enhancement

CloudPanel 2.3.2 enhances user interaction with an improved RTL stylesheet for the Vietnamese language.

4. Security Fixes

The current release improves security measures, mitigating the risk of user-level privileges potentially escalating to root access.

  • Critical: Privilege escalation to root from user


The CloudPanel 2.3.2 release offers new translations, enhancements, and security fixes. It reduces user-level access risks and masks MySQL root passwords during exceptions.

The 2.3.2 version extends language support by introducing Korean and Persian translations. It improves Vietnamese translation with the RTL stylesheet.

Stay up-to-date and enhance your user experience with CloudPanel 2.3.2 upgrade. Check out the CloudPanel blog for the latest updates and news.

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