CloudPanel 2.2.2 Release with MariaDB 10.11 Support

CloudPanel 2.2.2 Release with MariaDB 10.11 Support

CloudPanel 2.2.2 comes with MariaBD 10.11 support, new languages, and bug fixes. This news article covers the release highlights of CloudPanel 2.2.2 version.

What’s New with CloudPanel 2.2.2?

1. MariaDB 10.11 Support

MariaDB 10.11 is the current long-term release series. It will be maintained until February 2028. CloudPanel 2.2.2 includes support for MariaDB 10.11.

MariaDB 10.11 New Features and Enhancements


  • Granting permissions to everyone.
  • Separate control and read-only admin rights.


  • Show time spent in the query optimizer in ANALYZE FORMAT=JSON

Information Schema

  • Fix performance issues when reading the Information_schema Parameters table.
  • Full table scan improvements for the Information Schema Parameters and Information_schema Routines tables.

System Versioning

  • Changed system versioning settings to allow history modifications.
  • Use mariadb-dump to backup and restore historical data.


  • Change innodb_write_io_threads and innodb_read_io_threads settings without restarting the server.


  • Enable passwordless login for the mariadb root user on Windows for OS admin users.


  • Rename slow query variables.
    • log_slow_min_examined_row_limit (min_examined_row_limit)
    • log_slow_query (slow_query_log)
    • log_slow_query_file (slow_query_log_file). This was previously called log_slow_query_file_name in the MariaDB 10.11.0 preview release.
    • log_slow_query_time (long_query_time)
  • Make replicate_rewrite_db a system variable instead of just an option.


  • This is a list of system variables that have been added in the MariaDB 10.11 series.

2. Translations

CloudPanel 2.2.2 now supports the following languages:

  • Japanese
  • Hebrew

3. Bug Fixes

The following bugs are fixed for CloudPanel 2.2.2 version:


CloudPanel 2.2.2 has been released, featuring support for MariaDB 10.11, new language translations, and bug fixes.

MariaDB 10.11, the current long-term release series, offers new features and improvements as mentioned in the article.

CloudPanel 2.2.2 now supports Japanese and Hebrew languages. Key bug fixes include resolving root folder permission issues in the new reverse proxy.

Discover more about CloudPanel 2.2.2 and stay up to date with the latest news on the CloudPanel blog.

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