CloudPanel 2.0.2 is Released!

CloudPanel 2.0.2 is Released!

As we continue to improve CloudPanel v2, weโ€™d like to inform you about the latest updates and help leverage its new capabilities.

CloudPanel 2.0.2 is now available for everyone.

Release Highlights for CloudPanel 2.0.2

1. Translations

CloudPanel 2.0.2 supports Portuguese (Brasil) and Turkish translations. You can contribute translations on Github, making the software accessible to everyone worldwide.

2. MariaDB 10.8 Support

MariaDB 10.8 Support

MariaDB 10.8 was released in late May 2022 and will be supported for one year. The stable version includes performance and usability improvements.

CloudPanel 2.0.2 offers MariaDB 10.8 support for Ubuntu and Debian.

Some of the MariaDB 10.8.x Highlights include:

  • mysqlbinlog GTID support
  • Stored Procedures INOUT Parameters
  • Lag-free ALTER TABLE in replication
  • Descending indexes
  • InnoDB redo log improvements
  • Auto-create partition
  • JSON Histograms
  • Spider Storage Engine Improvements

3. Default WP settings

Get default WordPress settings for memory limit.


4. Bug Fixes

The following bugs are fixed for CloudPanel 2.0.2 -

  • Site User Name generation didn't work with a two-level subdomain like - Fixed.
  • Translations fixes

Update CloudPanel

CloudPanel is shipped as Debian Paket (deb), which helps update CloudPanel and all the dependencies conveniently.

Backup the Instance: Create an image/snapshot of your instance before updating.

Update CloudPanel to the latest version:

  • Login via SSH as the root user.

  • Run the update script:



We are constantly enhancing CloudPanel v2 by adding new features, enhancements, and bug fixes.

Feel free to check out the latest updates on the CloudPanel Blog or join us on Discord for community discussions.

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